Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me reading a Facebook Update written by Ed Shepp

(If you want to download the mp3, go here)

7-9-09 | Written by Ed Shepp as a Facebook update

Elderly people with no one to talk to should have a line they can call to just chat. Instead of the pharmacy or grocery store or salesperson. It's the LEAST a society can do. On another topic, there was a cellist in the subway, and for some reason I kept thinking something was out of tune on that thing, but it was hard to hear. But easy enough to hear that the piece didn't go anywhere or have any actual emotion.

When I gave him a buck I said, "Do you know any Britney?" Because I really would like to hear some Britney from a cellist on the train. It's like I tell people: Sing pop songs that everyone knows and wants to hear. Sure, everyone knows Under the Boardwalk, but after hearing it 67000 times, I don't want to again. But how about Take On Me? Us oldies know it, but it's also been covered to death, so some younguns do too. Why not Toxic? I'm surprised I've not seen a drag queen do it. I tell you this: If I were actually a good singer, I would do that. I would at least sing the National Anthem on July 4.

I mentioned that to someone, but I said the Star Spangled Banner. And he was like, "the national anthem or the Star Spangled Banner?" I was like, "They're the same thing!" Then he said that SSS refers to the instrumental, but the National Anthem means the song with lyrics. Well BULLY FOR YOU, Captain Pedantic! (And I don't believe that--"star spangled banner" is in the lyrics! And the original tune was a drinking song!)


Anonymous said...

In London, in the Undergroud, there are harpists, cellists, violinists, on every level. Inspirational, not annoying, in every Mary Poppins.

Maybe Ed could get a fellowship to study the music played in other countries' public transportation systems.

Mark Baratelli said...

He's lived in nYC for 10 years. He knows what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Like Woody Allen...

Mark Baratelli said...

Point being, trust his words.