Tuesday, July 7, 2009

O'Horten: cinematic yoga class

I got to see the press screening (!!!) of a film opening July 24th at Enzian called "O'Horten," and though I have the attention span of a person who says they have a short attention span, I was engaged.

The movie moves at a dead cat's pace, with enough visuals to fill a spec of dirt. And they don't speak English AND!!! the subtitles are in white. Hard to read.

However, the film (and this thang is no mere "movie," it is a film) has this thing about it that keeps you involved, despite its old-people-driver pace. I don't know what it is. I think its that the main characters "adventure" seems 100% plausible.

I compare this film to a yoga class. It forces your ADD thinking to slow down, your synapses to fire slower, and to just relax.

So I say, take your klonopin, sip your beer and slip into the near-coma state that Michael Jackson only WISHED he could have achieved through the help of his many doctors, and go see this movie.


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