Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday: market, Ethose, Avalon, Loving hut, Winter Garden, nap

Saturday I went to the Winter Park Farmers Market for the first time and THEY know how to do a farmers market. I got a $2.40 coffee at Ethos. Overpriced. Then I visited the odd "Fairy Festival" held in the parking lot of the odder "Avalon" shop. To each his own. And the finale of the afternoon was seeing the piece "Brian Feldman Eats Everything Off the Menu at Loving Hut," his piece of art he created for the winner of the "Best Food Vendor" award in The Daily City Patrons Choice Awards at Fringe. That was so weird and awesome and I was surrounded by some of the most creative people in Orlando in the restaurant.

I had nothing to do, so I drove to Winter Garden. Never been. If you want proof that Orlando's history has been destroyed, go there. They have, gasp, old buildings. Do you see ANY old building pre-dating the 1960s anywhere in this town? Go to Winter Garden for your fill, but not to shop. Two stores were closing for good. I spoke with the owner of a children's shop and she said people come to the downtown area of Winter Garden to eat, then leave. They do not shop.

I drove back, took a nap, woke up at 9pm, took a 1.5 hour walk and then worked on some Daily City stuff.

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