Friday, July 3, 2009


Yes, I am about to blog about my other blog. At first this seems, dumb, but my blogging strategy (however flimsy it may be) is to keep the personal stuff here, and the Orlando stuff on the daily city.

So, I am going to write about my personal FEELings about a recent comment someone made over there on TDC.

I wrote a brief write-up about the "Whats Up Orlando" event I attended Thursday morning and got this comment:
"You call the City of Orlando stepping up to help local businesses tragic? Are you anti-business, anti-Orlando, or both?

Then you go on to say: "Yes, now every single one of them has their required "farmers market" and "art stroll" and all this bland crap."

Guess they arent local enough for you either.

What a guide for "Orlando's arts and culture", HA!"
That last sentence really got to me, especially the "HA!" I responded with an unemotional response stating the facts and my points, again. And left it at that.

But dude, wow. That was a harsh comment. Its funny, I do call TDC a guide, but some of the content is not "guide" material. Some is commentary. And I think having both is good But mabe I need to make the types of content I put out there more clear, like "This is a commentary piece by editor MArk b" or "Here's a caendar event..." I just assume sometimes people get the way I think. But, say yu come to the blog for the very first time, all you have to go on is the design, the menu, and the first few articles. And if the first article you read is me slamming on neighborhood markets and art strolls, then yeah, "Ha!"

Whether I agree with someone's opinion about what I write (which is my opinion) is irrelevant. I am just, today, making myself aware to BE more aware of the image I am putting out there. Nothing wrong with criticism of the city you live in, but you have to present it in a way so the reader still knows you love the city and are not some grumpy bitter dude just being Mr Negative 24/7.
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b c said...

I read that stuff and listened to the podcast you did talking about Orlando's particular "Buy Local" campaign. And I thought it was really interesting, especially after you took the time to show how other cities use similar campaigns. My city doesn't have such a campaign (that I can find) but I bet they would try something like Orlando is doing if they did.

Your post was informative, and reminds people to question a lot of these "feel good" slogans/categories that are all around us now.