Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moomers taught me a lesson

My cat just taught me a lesson. She wants food, but I already fed her. I came into my room, she meowed. I said "No," then she looked at her bowl, then back at me, and ate her food. She said "yes" to her situation, made the best of it, and is now lying beside me purring.
Lesson: if you don't get what you want, you take what you get and return to your happiness.
She is still purring.

You can better your best

I bought this record in Kissimmee today. Reading the description, it reminded me of "How Do You Feel?" Its a self-help positivity coaching thing.
Photo 149

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I did Mobile Art Show #3 for the Dirty South Bike BBQ with help from Janessa, Karie, Zac, Katie, and Jeremy. The reaction was not as big as it was on Third Thursday, and it rained. I pulled into the parking lot with the truck loaded and the art wire hung (by Katie) by 10:30am. This is awesome because that entailed me walking to the UHaul place, driving the UHaul back home, filling it with the art and supplies from Mobile Art Show #2 that were stored in my car and apartment while Katie hung the art wire, then driving the UHaul to Etoile. So, just getting the truck to the spot was a feat.

I was happy that with the help of many, I was there early with enough time to hang and organize. Unfortunately, I decided to stop mid-work and get lunch, when I had much more work to do. When i got back to the truck, my helpful friends were there and I panicked because I wasn't sure what stage of the set-up I was really in. And, people were wanting to come into the truck who had art in it, and it was not ready to be seen.

With the help of Janessa, I got all the art priced, then I worked to organize the info table and choose what info to post on the wall space that had was left empty. I am there to promote my blog and myself, so in one corner, I hung 6 Patrons Choice Awards posters. Then on one side of the truck, I hung three copies of the article Scottie C wrote in Watermark newspaper. And on the table, I placed the blog newspapers.

The day was wonderful but oddly stressful. I just had a bit more anxiety than I did during the second show. So, I did not enjoy this one as much as the second. I thought we did a fantastic job and the art was hung well and the truck looked fab, but I was just a bit out of it.

And now, its almost 9pm. before 9am tomorrow I must unload the UHaul, fill the gas tank back up, return it to the UHaul place, walk home, and then figure out how to get the artists their unsold art and their money they made.

This art show thing is a large task, and I enjoy the challenge. Right now, though, I am sleepy, hungry, grumpy and could probably use a good nights rest.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Matt Simantov photo shoot

P1260966I got shot today by photographer Matt Simantov for some non-actor shots. I cannot wait to see how they turn out. He shoots for the Sentinel and I have also seen some awesome stuff of his floating around Facebook.
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Profile | August 20, 2009 | Watermark

Scottie Campbell wrote a wonderful profile of me in a collection of profiles on Central Florida "people in the arts" which ran in the Aug 20, 2009 edition of a Central Florida newspaper called Watermark. It talked about The Daily City, Mobile Art Show and Taco Truck Taste Test.
Photo 141
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday Night | Improv Cabaret

August 17, 2009 I got a third opportunity to perform "Improv Cabaret" at Taste in College Park. The improv group "Absent Minded Improv" lets me piggyback on their presence and I go on right after their 9pm show ends. Photo Credit: Chris Dinger.
Pianist Tim Turner
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuesday is going to suck

I do not want Tuesday to happen. So much to do and so not prepared. I am miserable because of my lack of preparation. That, and I do NOT like this character. He's stupid.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pretty picture

Just found this in my photos of NYC. Pretty.

About to go on stage at SAK

I do NOT warm up.
Photo 133

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Press: radio appearance

8-10-09 | This is a 5-minute piece/interview with me as the guest made by host Katie Ball for the show "Art Beat," which aired on WUCF 89.9 August 10, 2009.

Press: flyer in Official Orlando Visitor Center

(8-11-09) This flyer for a comedy series featuring my solo show "Mark Baratelli Tries Two Hard" (Press release | Facebook Event Page) is on display at the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau Official Visitor Center in Orlando, Florida.
Me on brochure in Official Visitor Center
Photo Credit: Brian Feldman

Sunday, August 9, 2009

War of the Worlds | Tweet Seat

Tonight I saw the 7pm closing night performance of "War of the Worlds." They had this feature called "Tweet Seat," where two rows of seats were designated for people who wanted to use twitter. I had my phone set to tweet to @mobileartshow. Wrong account. I have to delete them from that account and put them on my @markbaratelli account. But for now, here are my tweets in reverse order (starting with the most recent tweet and then working backwards).
Who put swoozie in tube socks?

We may as well eat erika's chicken.

I want audience to tweet and record and film at my next show.

This reminds me nf the adult swim campaign cops thought were bombs.

Ooh i love the war bang fire moments.

Would have been cool to put the radio cast in the tech booth.


What is this floor dragging thing?

Is this show being recorded?

Black fabric. Drama.

I hate pleated pants. This show is doused in them.

Yay these actors are guuud!

The child is wearing pumps. And running.

Love the break during the drama.

A new argentina.

Wouldnt the listeners be at their radios?

Where did they get those retro mics? Wow!

Is that short tiny guy from snack the best actor in orlando? I think so.

Hopscotch is audible.

Is that swoozie kurtz's daughter?

Love the musical set change.

Orson is not in his light.

Monday August 10, 2009

12pm & 4:30pm: 89.9 WUCF interview
89.9 WUCF interview with Art beat host Katie Ball"Whether self-appointed or unofficially elected*** by the local arts community, professional actor and improv comedian Mark Baratelli has ideas about how to make Orlando a vibrant cultural scene. Told with passion, humor and snark, Baratelli's tough-love message bears a surprising amount of weight. Tune in to ArtBeat on 89.9fm - Monday, August 10th at 12:01pm and again at 4:30pm or listen online.
10pm: "Truth or Dare With Pepe" talk show apearance
6440_138562312305_729397305_3227945_1897370_nTruth or Dare with Pepe featuring Miss Sammy has proven to be a smash hit with audiences at The Peacock Room. This month the zany duo welcome Mark Baratelli, Michele Feren, and Tony Ward. The mayhem hits the stage Monday, August 10 at 10pm.
Mark Baratelli is known far and wide as a gifted improviser, and has kept Orlando citizens informed of the city’s lesser known treasures through his blog This month Baratelli launched the Mobile Art Show which brings affordable art to various locations in the city using a U-Haul.
10:30pm: Improv Cabaret performance
Mark Baratelli at the Chicago Improv Festival 2008"Improv Cabaret," an improvised cabaret act, will be performed at Taste in College Park right after the "Absent Minded Improv" improv troupe. Mark Baratelli's shows have been seen in Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Charleston, Miami and Orlando. "Patrons Pick" two years in a row at Orlando Fringe Festival.
*** "Self-appointed or unofficially elected"? Neither. I was crowned: "something like the Ambassador of Love for the Fringe Festival (or maybe the Ambassador of All That Is in the Ethersphere)" -Elizabeth Maupin, 2007.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mobile Art Show | Orlando, FL | August 5, 2009

I completed my very first Mobile Art Show! It was yesterday, August 5, 2009, 10am to 7pm. To see photos from the entire project, go here.

I took the UHaul (and the art) to:
1. Combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell
2. Enzian Theate
3. United Arts
4. Infusion Tea
5. Parramore Community Garden
6. Loving Hut
7. Barnes & Noble
Here's the press the event got so far:
Orlando Sentinel "Best Bet"
Orlando Sentinel photo gallery (44 photos)
MetroMix photo gallery (same 44 photos)
Metromix Weekly Event Picks
Orlando Weekly even page
EmmaBunny for Spanish Moss Vintage
Thank you to Brian Feldman, who rode around with me the entire day helping me set up and break down, and Dan Ginader, who helped me hang the art.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am scared.
I am scared to move back to NYC

I am scared I will run out of savings in 6 months

I am scared of the improv festival, Mobile Art Show, "Mark Baratelli Tries Two Hard," The Daily City and A Night With the Girls

I am scared to go to the gym

I am ashamed of how I spoke to 2 artists Saturday

I am scared of what I revealed in the radio interview

I am scared of what I revealed in a conversation Friday night

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mark Baratelli Tries Two Hard | Aug 19 & 26

Mark Baratelli Tries Two Hard
Sponsored by

30-minute versions of Mark Baratelli's two comedic solo shows "Improv Cabaret," an improvised cabaret act and "How Do You Feel?," a scripted interactive self-help session. John DeHaas is the accompanist during Improv Cabaret. 15 minute intermission. Mark Baratelli's shows have been seen in Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Charleston, Miami and Orlando. He was "Patrons Pick" two years in a row at Orlando Fringe Festival.

High Rez Photo | More Photos | Facebook Event
Dates: August 19 and 26, 2009
Time: 10pm-11:30pm
Location: Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre, 8267 International Drive, Orlando, FL

Reviews: "Mark Baratelli is a freakin' comic genius" | "One of the festival’s best performances" -Charleston City Paper | "Had the audience captivated" -North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival producer Zach Ward | "Mark Baratelli’s "Improv Cabaret" is ... laugh-until-you-cry hilarious!" -Orlando Sentinel