Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I did Mobile Art Show #3 for the Dirty South Bike BBQ with help from Janessa, Karie, Zac, Katie, and Jeremy. The reaction was not as big as it was on Third Thursday, and it rained. I pulled into the parking lot with the truck loaded and the art wire hung (by Katie) by 10:30am. This is awesome because that entailed me walking to the UHaul place, driving the UHaul back home, filling it with the art and supplies from Mobile Art Show #2 that were stored in my car and apartment while Katie hung the art wire, then driving the UHaul to Etoile. So, just getting the truck to the spot was a feat.

I was happy that with the help of many, I was there early with enough time to hang and organize. Unfortunately, I decided to stop mid-work and get lunch, when I had much more work to do. When i got back to the truck, my helpful friends were there and I panicked because I wasn't sure what stage of the set-up I was really in. And, people were wanting to come into the truck who had art in it, and it was not ready to be seen.

With the help of Janessa, I got all the art priced, then I worked to organize the info table and choose what info to post on the wall space that had was left empty. I am there to promote my blog and myself, so in one corner, I hung 6 Patrons Choice Awards posters. Then on one side of the truck, I hung three copies of the article Scottie C wrote in Watermark newspaper. And on the table, I placed the blog newspapers.

The day was wonderful but oddly stressful. I just had a bit more anxiety than I did during the second show. So, I did not enjoy this one as much as the second. I thought we did a fantastic job and the art was hung well and the truck looked fab, but I was just a bit out of it.

And now, its almost 9pm. before 9am tomorrow I must unload the UHaul, fill the gas tank back up, return it to the UHaul place, walk home, and then figure out how to get the artists their unsold art and their money they made.

This art show thing is a large task, and I enjoy the challenge. Right now, though, I am sleepy, hungry, grumpy and could probably use a good nights rest.
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