Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mobile Art Show | Orlando, FL | August 5, 2009

I completed my very first Mobile Art Show! It was yesterday, August 5, 2009, 10am to 7pm. To see photos from the entire project, go here.

I took the UHaul (and the art) to:
1. Combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell
2. Enzian Theate
3. United Arts
4. Infusion Tea
5. Parramore Community Garden
6. Loving Hut
7. Barnes & Noble
Here's the press the event got so far:
Orlando Sentinel "Best Bet"
Orlando Sentinel photo gallery (44 photos)
MetroMix photo gallery (same 44 photos)
Metromix Weekly Event Picks
Orlando Weekly even page
EmmaBunny for Spanish Moss Vintage
Thank you to Brian Feldman, who rode around with me the entire day helping me set up and break down, and Dan Ginader, who helped me hang the art.

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