Sunday, August 9, 2009

War of the Worlds | Tweet Seat

Tonight I saw the 7pm closing night performance of "War of the Worlds." They had this feature called "Tweet Seat," where two rows of seats were designated for people who wanted to use twitter. I had my phone set to tweet to @mobileartshow. Wrong account. I have to delete them from that account and put them on my @markbaratelli account. But for now, here are my tweets in reverse order (starting with the most recent tweet and then working backwards).
Who put swoozie in tube socks?

We may as well eat erika's chicken.

I want audience to tweet and record and film at my next show.

This reminds me nf the adult swim campaign cops thought were bombs.

Ooh i love the war bang fire moments.

Would have been cool to put the radio cast in the tech booth.


What is this floor dragging thing?

Is this show being recorded?

Black fabric. Drama.

I hate pleated pants. This show is doused in them.

Yay these actors are guuud!

The child is wearing pumps. And running.

Love the break during the drama.

A new argentina.

Wouldnt the listeners be at their radios?

Where did they get those retro mics? Wow!

Is that short tiny guy from snack the best actor in orlando? I think so.

Hopscotch is audible.

Is that swoozie kurtz's daughter?

Love the musical set change.

Orson is not in his light.

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maddest (w)rung productions said...

I love it. Thanks for participating! And spending time with us after.