Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drivers License on its way!

I googled "lost drivers license" and got the right website. I ordered a new one and its on its way. Very happy it was easy and that its gonna be here soon.
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Wanna open an account in my name? Go ahead.

I have now filed (over a 30-minute phone interview) an official thingy and now when anyone tries to open up a line of credit or does anything in my name, they will contact me about it. So bring it.

Also, I met with real NYC detectives (like on Barney!) and they said because I left the wallet and someone picked it up, that is not called a theft. It called loss. And with loss, no further investigation can be done. Now, my question is, if I find a baby and I pick it up and eave the bodega, that is not theft? According to their definition, it is not. And, in that same bodega, if someone picks up my wallet and leave, that is not theft. But if they pick up a bag of Doritos and leave, that is theft. Um... what? Confused on this point. So, long story short, even though the thief who stole my wallet is on camera taking it at the bodega, the cops won't do anything. So, I went the bodega and asked them if I could see the footage. They said yes. I am meeting them there tonight at 7:30pm to view the tape from Saturday. I want a photo of the person and of the action.

Now the hard part: getting a new drivers license and social security card. Good Christ. Where do I even begin? I have no idea. And who the hell do I ask?
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Wallet Theft Update

Ok, so here's what has happened today. So far.

Bank: All my bank accounts are now closed, and it appears no money has been stolen. New accounts have been opened to replace them, and a security PIN has been created for when I (or someone else posing as me) calls into my bank to retrieve info. I am getting my new bank debit card and my new book of checks soon. Someone from Identity Theft department at my bank is going to call me to make an appointment.

Police: I called the precinct and they want me to come in and speak with an officer about why the officer who wrote up my case called it a "loss" and not a "theft." The bodega has security cams and they recorded who took my wallet. To me it seems clear. Go watch the tapes, see the person take my wallet, and go try and find them. This is theft, not a loss.

Phone: I was able to put minutes on my cell through Paypal. So I have minutes for the time being.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My audition for Quilts, a show about AIDS and the AIDS quilt. Hurrah!

World Trade Center site Visitor CenterI got invited to an audition today for a reading of the musical "Quilts," about the AIDS quilt. Do you say "got invited" when you (a) submit yourself via email and then they (b) ask you to come in? Is that inviting? They have to go through some approval process within themselves. I dunno.

And am I mixing "Quills" with "Quilt"? Two different plays. Its Quilt. I think.

So they wanted to hear a song with some sort of story. The only thing I have in my *five* song music book is "They Call It Dancing" from the still-chugging-aong musical medley-fest "I Love a Piano" I did in 2008 that is going out a THIRD time this Fall. Right now. Without me.

I sang and (a) I sounded much better than I did singing it on the sidewalk as I walked to the call and (b) it felt funny. Funny in a good way, as in, I think it *was* funny. They had me then read from the script a scene where a dude is talking to a quilt which represents his dead friend who died of AIDS. Before I read, I commented that "it was sad." That turned out to be good, because they offered up that they didn't want it played sad. So I joked up the dead blanket AIDS scene and that was that.
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One more wallet tidbit

I bought a $70 dance card from Broadway Dance Center last week. $14 class x 5 classes. If you lose it, you cannot get a new one. My wallet was stolen last week. I attended 2 classes, the card is gone, so I am SOL on 5 classes. Broadway Dance Center: this system is not remarkable and makes me unhappy. Fix it.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Monday | Gimme chocolate

1. No auditions. And if there are some, I am unable to find them using Backstage's non-intuitive website.

2. The cop who answered my 911 call about my wallet wrote it down as a "property loss" and not a "theft." I found this out today when I called the phone number he gave me. Because he did this, the case is closed. I told the person on the phone it was a theft, and she said I had to speak to Officer Rosenbloom, who is not in until Tuesday. So I am.

3. I sat here for half an hour searching for all my favorite podcasts In itunes, and setting it all up all over again, and now itunes will not synch with my ipod. So I sat here for nothing and I have to go to the Apple store and ask them about it.

I just want to curl up and eat chocolate.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Music from F***ing Up Everything

NYMF is coming up. Or has already started. Or I missed it. I don't know. The tickets are too expensive and I don't feel cool enough to attend, but I am going to try to see at least one show. Maybe it will be F***Ing Up Everything. Here are two songs from the show.

Little Boys:

Me and My Bong:

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A confluence of utter bad news

Before I leave my apartment, I gather up the quarters on my nightstand (a chair) to purchase a beverage with at the bodega. I remember I do not have cash in my wallet, and these quarters will come in handy.

I leave my apartment with two checks.
One for bills from my Orlando apartment
One for my rent for my NYC apartment
I also have the addresses written down to which both checks must be mailed to. Now I have to (a) buy envelopes and (b) buy stamps so I can (c) mail these checks. All of this I can do in the little "town square" beneath the subway tracks.

Walgreens has envelopes, but not stamps. I get $40 "cash back" and the envelopes, and the employee directs to me "any of these bodegas around here" for the stamps.

I go into a bodega. They have stamps. I first pull my wallet out of my pocket to pay for them with one of the two $20 bills, but since the total for the stamps is only three dollars, I choose not to burden the bodega with giving me so much change (I am a saint) and I reach into my pocket to retrieve the quarters.


I am now thinking two thoughts
1. Why does a total of five stamps cost $3 even? They're 44 cents each
2. Counting these quarters and dimes and nickels is hard.
I pay the man and have a new thought: Why did I not receive a receipt? My mind was not where it should have been. Its on the stamps and the envelopes and getting these two checks mailed.

I walk out of the bodega and plop my bag of stuff on a newspaper stand just outside it. Now, here, in the busy, noisy sidewalks of "Bronx" (as it is called when you address a letter. Not "The Bronx." Just "Bronx.") I address the two envelopes, I stamp the two envelopes, put the checks in the two envelopes and mail the two envelopes.

Then it hits me. Did I put the correct check into the matching envelope? I have no idea. I was not paying attention during that part. Ugh, just like me to be so mindless during a task I think I am being so smart about. I walk to the train, then remember what a long trip it is to Brooklyn. I was going to the DUMBO "Art Under the Bridge" Festival. I walk back to the bodega to buy a newspaper. I pick up the newspaper. A $2 New York Times. Ugh, so expensive. I reach for my wallet. No wallet. I ask the employee. They haven't seen it.

My wallet is missing.

I check every pocket 5 times. No wallet. I am dazed. The employee does not care. I left it on the counter and someone took it! And so begins the calls to 911, my bank, my credit card company. Mess. The cops come, I file a report. There are security tapes, but they're in an office not open till Monday.

The cop tells me to have my accounts "flagged." He's a cop. I listen. The first Wachovia employee denies the existance of flagging and sends me to another employee, who I lose contact with when my cell minutes expire. I get on Skype. The third employee begins to take me through the process of closing my accounts, but the call is dropped after 20 minutes. I make a fourth call and it turns out the third employee's department, fraud, is now closed. The best this fourth employee can do is close my accounts, leaving me without funds until Tuesday. I speak with her manager, not believing this news, and she has the same news. I come up with a better idea. Close two of the accounts, leave one open with a bit of money in it so I can EAT!!!

While I am on hold dozens of times it seems, I root around online and figure out how I can pay for new cell minutes without a debit card or credit card. But (a) I see my cell bills on this plan for the past two months have been absurd and (b) my accounts will be closed before I can get the money to the cell company. My plan now is to use Skype and perhaps start using my Google voice number as a voicemail line. I also have to get a new Social Security Card, Drivers License and Subway Card. I write the the people those two checks were for and tell them the whole story and how those checks are now no good. Luckily they are understanding.

And that is how MY Saturday went! I hope yours was better.
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Brief Central Park walk

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Turkey Burger on English Muffin at Random Diner

P1290937P1290933Gennadi and Ed were at a diner and I met them there. We ran some errands and I got hungry, so we stopped in another diner where I ate this turkey burger from hell... on an English Muffin. They drank water. When you hand Ed a camera and ask him to take one photo, you get your photo AND ten to twelve blurry, out of focus ones of himself and any object or person next to him.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to ballet

I found a ballet class to go to Monday morning, but I realized tonight you might need dance clothes for said class. I'll go early and ask. The classes are $14 a piece. Yikes.

I was looking at auditions tonight online also, and through a few links not related to auditions on, I found out an FSU BFA Musical Theatre grad who graduated before I started the program is staring in a new Bway musical. Wow! I checked out their website and another grad's website. Its awesome people I used to sit next to in class are now doing what they wanted to be doing their whole lives.
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BreakOut | Sunday in the Park

Sunday September 20, 2009 | I went to the Sunday in the Park meetup done by BreakOut Festival for half an hour. It was held in the stunning Sheeps Meadow in Central Park, a gathering spot for sunbathers, frisbee-throwers and yapping tiny dogs the size of feet. Wifi and a printer is provided, as well as convo. And now I am off to Making Public Places which begins at 2pm.
Sept 20, 2009 |
Photo 174
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Lincoln Center people

Thursday September 17, 2009 | I stopped at Lincoln Center briefly Thursday afternoon where there happened to be a large group of people were waiting to get into a matinee of Tosca at The Met. These are photos of my favorite people I saw.
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 11
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fashion Week | Monday night

8-14-09 | I happened to walk past the tents at Fashion Week in Bryant Park Monday evening and found gawkers like me, outsiders dressed in their own fashions and the real deal people walking in and out of the tents.

Picture 1

Picture 4

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 2

Picture 3


Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Auditions begin

I ran into some former cast mates from JCS yesterday at the "I Love a Piano" show and one of them told me about 3 Monday auditions. So, I woke up, got ready and am about to go to Colony Music and buy some sheet music because the second box with my sheet music in it, the moving box I shipped here days ago, has not arrived. One did, but the one with the sheet music did not. I also don't have headshots. I have a resume stapled to a newspaper article about myself. Waaaah. Whatever. I just wanna blog for free the rest of my life.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beekman Tower Hotel | view from the top

Instead of walking 15 blocks and 3 avenues in the rain, I took a cab to Beekman Tower Hotel to meet my friend Gennadi for drinks at the top of the tower, which he said his friend said has great views, and it did! Wow. And not only were the views great and free, so were the drinks! There was a rep from some vodka brand and she was making drinks using her brand and handing them out for free. So, great view, great drinks, zero dollars (except for the cab ride). Nice!

While waiting for the elevator, I took a picture of the entrance behind me.



Yes, thats an a/c unit. In fact, the decor, for its location (a roof-top bar) was lacking. It had not been touched since 1985.

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Sept 11 | Asian Restaurant visit

After my wretched Beauty and the Beast audition, I made plans to meet my friend Gennadi on the 26th floor of some hotel his friend knew about for a drink. But first, I passed by this asian restaurant and had to try it.


You pick up your own tray and your own TONGS first. Then you go to the counter and select a pastry. And the prices were CHEAP! They ranged from $1 to $3 for what looked like unfamiliar but tasty treats.

This was only $1.50 and had chunks of ham and cheese atop a fluffy bread thingy. Very rich, but small enough to not make you feel like a wild boar.

9-10-09 | Flight to NYC

Sept 10, 2009 | I got the whole back row of the plane to myself on the flight from Orlando to NYC Thursday morning.

The flight was half-full

Thank you!

First cool thing I saw in the city

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Its coming together and coming to a close

Its all slowly, magically coming to a close and coming together.

Ship it
I bought plastic storage containers to put the art I bought this summer and the newspaper clippings I was in this summer into. I was going to then put them into storage. But then when I got home I looked at the art and the clippings and thought "I'd love to have this stuff up in NYC." Then I realized not only could I mail a box of clothes up to NYC instead of carry them through airports, I could do the same for my art and clippings and hard drives and wooden lolllipops. So, nothing new is going into storage now and I can bring this fun crap with me to NYC to make me smile and remember this fab summer.

I waited till today, September 7, to buy my plane ticket. JetBlue had a deal for a Sept 10th non-stop to LGA at 11:30am and WOOP I got it. Who says you have to pre-plan? Maybe I got lucky. Whatever. I got it.

I just happened to want to go to SAK Saturday night to say hi to Denna and Chris (music director for FOURplay) just happened to be there in the lobby and we just happened to start talking about Moomers and low and behold, we made an appointment to meet up the next day to bring Moomer over to his house to meet his kitties. !!! Sheer coincidence. I am going over to his house again tonight for a second Moomers meet-up. If it doesn't go horribly, Moomers may have a home for the Fall!

Wrap it up
So what I am getting at is, its 3 days until I leave and I have one day's worth of errands to run, will be traipsing through the airport with one backpack and no luggage, and I'll be meeting the person I am subletting from after he gets out of rehearsal Sept 10th at 6pm, four hours after I touch down at LGA.


Friday, September 4, 2009 Panel Series

9-4-09 Panel Series #1
Photo Credit: Brian Feldman

Bitch please, the song

P1190605The roomie and I had some wine and we sang two words "Bitch Please" to the tune of the national anthem. No reason. No political statement. Drank some wine with the roomie and we recorded it. The photo and video in this post were taken/fimed by me at the Bill Clinton Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I met Marissa Baratelli... sort of

Saturday | I had just finished shooting a video about Winter Park, when I see a sign on the sidewalk announcing a sale on clothes by "Marissa Baratelli" in front of a chee-chee lady shop. I've only seen her name and stuff online (when I google myself, as we have the same last name). So I go in and introduce myself to the employee and she shows me one of Marissa's designs. I know we don't know each other, but we have the same last name and so I took a photo of her design with me smiling like a person who just had 3 glasses of wine at the Wine Room on Park Avenue. Notice, too, I am wearing (from the filming) my nametag and my "Taco Truck Taste Test" t-shirt.