Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Monday | Gimme chocolate

1. No auditions. And if there are some, I am unable to find them using Backstage's non-intuitive website.

2. The cop who answered my 911 call about my wallet wrote it down as a "property loss" and not a "theft." I found this out today when I called the phone number he gave me. Because he did this, the case is closed. I told the person on the phone it was a theft, and she said I had to speak to Officer Rosenbloom, who is not in until Tuesday. So I am.

3. I sat here for half an hour searching for all my favorite podcasts In itunes, and setting it all up all over again, and now itunes will not synch with my ipod. So I sat here for nothing and I have to go to the Apple store and ask them about it.

I just want to curl up and eat chocolate.
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