Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beekman Tower Hotel | view from the top

Instead of walking 15 blocks and 3 avenues in the rain, I took a cab to Beekman Tower Hotel to meet my friend Gennadi for drinks at the top of the tower, which he said his friend said has great views, and it did! Wow. And not only were the views great and free, so were the drinks! There was a rep from some vodka brand and she was making drinks using her brand and handing them out for free. So, great view, great drinks, zero dollars (except for the cab ride). Nice!

While waiting for the elevator, I took a picture of the entrance behind me.



Yes, thats an a/c unit. In fact, the decor, for its location (a roof-top bar) was lacking. It had not been touched since 1985.

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