Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drivers License on its way!

I googled "lost drivers license" and got the right website. I ordered a new one and its on its way. Very happy it was easy and that its gonna be here soon.
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Summer said...

I've only just now caught up on what's been going on with you and the wallet drama. poor baby!! That sucks- I hate it when shit like that is stolen or lost. I had a similar thing happen to me in college. I had my purse stolen out of my car but it wasn't considered stolen since my car was unlocked. um, okay.
Glad you didn't lose any money because of it.

Mark Baratelli said...

I lost $40 in cash and this dance card from Broadway dance center. I paid for 5 classes ($70 total) and only got to go to 2 before it was snatched, and the card is not replaceable. So yeah not *much* money was taken, but a little bit. And thank you for the thoughts!