Monday, September 7, 2009

Its coming together and coming to a close

Its all slowly, magically coming to a close and coming together.

Ship it
I bought plastic storage containers to put the art I bought this summer and the newspaper clippings I was in this summer into. I was going to then put them into storage. But then when I got home I looked at the art and the clippings and thought "I'd love to have this stuff up in NYC." Then I realized not only could I mail a box of clothes up to NYC instead of carry them through airports, I could do the same for my art and clippings and hard drives and wooden lolllipops. So, nothing new is going into storage now and I can bring this fun crap with me to NYC to make me smile and remember this fab summer.

I waited till today, September 7, to buy my plane ticket. JetBlue had a deal for a Sept 10th non-stop to LGA at 11:30am and WOOP I got it. Who says you have to pre-plan? Maybe I got lucky. Whatever. I got it.

I just happened to want to go to SAK Saturday night to say hi to Denna and Chris (music director for FOURplay) just happened to be there in the lobby and we just happened to start talking about Moomers and low and behold, we made an appointment to meet up the next day to bring Moomer over to his house to meet his kitties. !!! Sheer coincidence. I am going over to his house again tonight for a second Moomers meet-up. If it doesn't go horribly, Moomers may have a home for the Fall!

Wrap it up
So what I am getting at is, its 3 days until I leave and I have one day's worth of errands to run, will be traipsing through the airport with one backpack and no luggage, and I'll be meeting the person I am subletting from after he gets out of rehearsal Sept 10th at 6pm, four hours after I touch down at LGA.


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