Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My audition for Quilts, a show about AIDS and the AIDS quilt. Hurrah!

World Trade Center site Visitor CenterI got invited to an audition today for a reading of the musical "Quilts," about the AIDS quilt. Do you say "got invited" when you (a) submit yourself via email and then they (b) ask you to come in? Is that inviting? They have to go through some approval process within themselves. I dunno.

And am I mixing "Quills" with "Quilt"? Two different plays. Its Quilt. I think.

So they wanted to hear a song with some sort of story. The only thing I have in my *five* song music book is "They Call It Dancing" from the still-chugging-aong musical medley-fest "I Love a Piano" I did in 2008 that is going out a THIRD time this Fall. Right now. Without me.

I sang and (a) I sounded much better than I did singing it on the sidewalk as I walked to the call and (b) it felt funny. Funny in a good way, as in, I think it *was* funny. They had me then read from the script a scene where a dude is talking to a quilt which represents his dead friend who died of AIDS. Before I read, I commented that "it was sad." That turned out to be good, because they offered up that they didn't want it played sad. So I joked up the dead blanket AIDS scene and that was that.
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