Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept 11 | Asian Restaurant visit

After my wretched Beauty and the Beast audition, I made plans to meet my friend Gennadi on the 26th floor of some hotel his friend knew about for a drink. But first, I passed by this asian restaurant and had to try it.


You pick up your own tray and your own TONGS first. Then you go to the counter and select a pastry. And the prices were CHEAP! They ranged from $1 to $3 for what looked like unfamiliar but tasty treats.

This was only $1.50 and had chunks of ham and cheese atop a fluffy bread thingy. Very rich, but small enough to not make you feel like a wild boar.


Summer said...

I want to hear about this audition. How was the French accent?

Mark Baratelli said...

They stopped me half-way through the song and said thank you. I was not what they were looking for.