Saturday, September 26, 2009

Turkey Burger on English Muffin at Random Diner

P1290937P1290933Gennadi and Ed were at a diner and I met them there. We ran some errands and I got hungry, so we stopped in another diner where I ate this turkey burger from hell... on an English Muffin. They drank water. When you hand Ed a camera and ask him to take one photo, you get your photo AND ten to twelve blurry, out of focus ones of himself and any object or person next to him.
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Anne said...

First, "turkey burger" is an oxymoron.
Second, is that BLOOD or catsup on that English muffin half?
Third, nice photos.

Mark Baratelli said...

There should be neither blood or catsup on the english muffin. Maybe its a colored shadow? What do you call turkey shaped into the shape of a hamburger then? I don't know any other phrase other than "turkey burger." Thank you for the compliment on the photos!