Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wallet Theft Update

Ok, so here's what has happened today. So far.

Bank: All my bank accounts are now closed, and it appears no money has been stolen. New accounts have been opened to replace them, and a security PIN has been created for when I (or someone else posing as me) calls into my bank to retrieve info. I am getting my new bank debit card and my new book of checks soon. Someone from Identity Theft department at my bank is going to call me to make an appointment.

Police: I called the precinct and they want me to come in and speak with an officer about why the officer who wrote up my case called it a "loss" and not a "theft." The bodega has security cams and they recorded who took my wallet. To me it seems clear. Go watch the tapes, see the person take my wallet, and go try and find them. This is theft, not a loss.

Phone: I was able to put minutes on my cell through Paypal. So I have minutes for the time being.
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