Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wanna open an account in my name? Go ahead.

I have now filed (over a 30-minute phone interview) an official thingy and now when anyone tries to open up a line of credit or does anything in my name, they will contact me about it. So bring it.

Also, I met with real NYC detectives (like on Barney!) and they said because I left the wallet and someone picked it up, that is not called a theft. It called loss. And with loss, no further investigation can be done. Now, my question is, if I find a baby and I pick it up and eave the bodega, that is not theft? According to their definition, it is not. And, in that same bodega, if someone picks up my wallet and leave, that is not theft. But if they pick up a bag of Doritos and leave, that is theft. Um... what? Confused on this point. So, long story short, even though the thief who stole my wallet is on camera taking it at the bodega, the cops won't do anything. So, I went the bodega and asked them if I could see the footage. They said yes. I am meeting them there tonight at 7:30pm to view the tape from Saturday. I want a photo of the person and of the action.

Now the hard part: getting a new drivers license and social security card. Good Christ. Where do I even begin? I have no idea. And who the hell do I ask?
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