Friday, October 30, 2009

Coffee Church

I have a recommendation for this great (and affordable) place to escape midtown for coffee that takes Starbucks and wipes the windows of a burned out car with it. I call it... Coffee Church. Its this unexpected space off the lobby of the Le Parker Meridien hotel (119 West 56th, NY NY 10019) that looks like a church. The ceilings must be 6 stories high, they have candles like the ones in the church my Grandma used to go to and the chandeliers are giant black metal gothic things.

Whats great about the space:
-its smack dab in the middle of wretched, busy, noisy midtown. So if you have to escape the noise, this is a nice place to scoot.
-The plush couches are grouped so that if you're alone, you can actually *be* alone. Or if you are with people, you can sit as a gaggle.
-CHEAP coffee ($1 more than Starbucks, and you get all this churchy ambience)
-The waitresses leave you alone. Both times I went, I stayed for about an hour. They seriously do not bother you. In fact both times I had to get up and ask for my check.
-The place is never packed. I went once around 3pm and another day around 7pm. Both times: not busy. Walk in, throw yourself on a couch, escape the noise and breathe.

This is how they serve coffee:

The coffee is only $1 more than Starbucks. A value!
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Summer said...

HOw gorgeous!! I would love to sit and sip and read.........for hours.....I Have TWO babies!!!

Mark Baratelli said...

I forgot about the two babies thing. Memories.

Mark said...

This place is quite nice! Thanks, Mark!