Monday, October 5, 2009

I found online and then walked to a fed ex place so I could ship off a package for my sublet. It was about a twenty minute walk from my apartmet. I think the man overcharged me. I got back to the apartment with enough time to pack my bag and head out to the apple store to dump my laptop off for "5-7 days" for repair. The thing is a mess physically and I am grateful it's still under warranty and thus semi-free for the repair.

After that, I shopped for a cheap-ass outfit at h&m for this architect event Thursday night I am super exited about. I can't spend shit and I am now officially fat. I bought nothing. I'd rather suffer through wearing my skinny clothes that I am too big for now than (gasp) buy a bugger size. I tried on a medium t- shirt and good Christ my gut looks like a baby. I looked at myself in the mirror and almost cried. Bald AND fat AND old and broke and jobless.

After that tragedy I meandered down 5th avenue sad as shit, trying to remeber "it's better than Hanoi" unsuccessfully. I know I have much to be grateful for. I just wish I was a size 30 again. And grateful.

This cristmas my sublet will return to his apartment for a few weeks. And we'll be joined by an actor from jcs: Joe! The three of us were on jcs and Joe is the only one returning.He needs a place to crash dring rehearsals, so he'll be on charlie's couch for 2 weeks.

My second paid advertiser is official as of last week. I just have to get the paperwork all done up. This is vey exciting for me. Four more advertisers and I have my rent paid for a few months. His could really be a serious way to make extra money for me. Couldn't come at a better time. Now how do I report this to unemployment? It's not a weekly thing. I'll figure it out.

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Summer said...

If you were here I would hug you.