Thursday, October 22, 2009

London Symphony at Lincoln Center

Wednesday night (10-21-09) I saw the London Symphony at Lincoln Center. I've not been to a symphony before, which is why I bought the ticket. I was on the third level which is the highest (and cheapest) seating area, but I could see just fine. Being so high up freaked me out at first, but I got used to it. I was near the ceiling.

There were two parts, with one intermission. The first part was 30 minutes and boring. I debated whether to leave during intermission, but I stayed. The second "act" was Symphony #4 by Mahler. There seemed to be twice as many instruments as in the first "act." And YAY for the jingle bells in that first section of symphony #4. They and the rest of that first section held my attention. Its all crazy and unexpected. The musicians got very physical while playing it. It was fun to try and catch where each sound was coming from as it popped up out of nowhere. There was a harp, but I never caught the person playing it. And there was one person in the back corner playing... the triangle.

The rest of Symphony #4 was, unfortunately, hellishly boring. I sat there, cracked my neck and back a few times and remained quiet. And then I left.
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Eric Pinder said...

You didn't stick around for the finale with the soprano? It's so beautiful. We should go to a concert together sometime and I'll helpfully explain why it's not boring.

Mark Baratelli said...

I did. I saw the whole thing. Her song was pretty. Boring, but pretty.