Friday, October 30, 2009

Nasty look from father of child on subway platform

I've been reconsidering my assumptions and snap judgements the past few days, so it was pleasing, but not surprising, when the nasty look a father gave towards my shoes made me go from "How dare he judge my shoes I bought at Wal Mart one year ago that are white-turned-grey?" to "I don't know why he is scowling at me; maybe he saw a rat scurry behind me."

I didn't move from my place at the wall, while he stayed, cradling his baby right next to the subway tracks. I was pleased enough to have avoided a potentially negative few minutes caused by his nasty look. Just then someone walked by, looked towards my shoes and went "Ew." I turned to my left and on the drain grate right next to me were about 15 red roaches.
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