Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The third time I might actually see the show

I want to start classes at UCB again. I took level 1 last summer but did not fulfill the "see one show at UCB while enrolled in your class at UCB" requirement. So according to the person who runs the classes, before I can enroll in Level 2, I must (a) see an improv show at UCB and (b) write a paper about what I saw at the show. Fine. I like improv and writing a paper about an improv show sounds weird, but will probably be fun and educational for me.

The first time I attempted to fulfill this requirement was Friday night. Walked by the theatre, saw they had a show at 7pm with two groups performing, and thought "Great." I bought a ticket, sat down with ten other audience members, and proceeded to watch a sketch show. Not an improv show.

The second time I attempted to fulfill this requirement was last night. I had 3 hours to kill between an audition and the 8pm show, so I walked around the city for 2.5 hours. I showed up for the 8pm show at 7:30pm, this time knowing it is indeed an improv show, and there are two lines: one for people with reservations (reservations?) and a standby line. Its 7:30pm and already it appeared sold out. And, they only take cash, of which I have none.

So now I must make a third attempt to see a show to fulfill this requirement to take an improv class, this time (a) making sure it is indeed an improv show, (b) making a reservation, (c) showing up more than 30 minutes early, and (d) having cash.
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