Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wow. Even I surprise myself sometimes

10-17-09 | I got my errands done this morning, including grocery shopping, and was hurrying myself around to be ready to be able to leave by 11:30am for a 1pm callback that was a 1.5 hour train ride away in Brooklyn. I remembered the callback email saying something I forgot, so I checked the email. Dammit! Not only was the audition at 2:15pm and not 1pm, it wasn't even TODAY. Its tomorrow (Sunday).

I checked my email to find my student loan was overdue because they tried pulling my auto-debit from my old account. Crap. I never switched all my bills to my new bank account. Now the auto-debit is shut off, the current bill is 7 days overdue and I lost my 0.25% rate discount for having such great on-time payment record. Its my fault. I never sat down and updated this info. Fart.

This made me think about my credit cards: the one that got stolen and the one I just happened to have by chance. I paid both the bills and updated the address for both.
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