Wednesday, October 7, 2009


24 Hour Laundromat
(I know no one gives two shits about a laundry story, but I want to remember them story for myself. Before my sublet-ee left in early September, he showed me where the laundry room was and how to put money on your laundry card via this machine in the laundry room. I forgot it all by the time I had to do laundry in early October. Also, this photo above I took in Durham, North Carolina and is not the laundry business mentioned below.)

Last Friday I carry my oversized blue plastic IKEA bag filled with laundry to the laundry room and am surprised to find that you have to pay to use the machines. I'd forgotten. So I carried the bag back upstairs.

I wait three days while I looked for a place I felt comfortable walking in and asking for change from. I finally saw the laundry business next door to my apartment building and remembered they might have change. They had a change machine inside reading "for customers only." I got my change and prepped my answer had they asked where I was going with that change: "To get my laundry."

The next day (don't know why I waited another day) I carry the blue IKEA bag downstairs and am surprised to find the machines do not take quarters, but use a debit card system. I'd forgotten. Dammit. When I peaked in before, I assumed when I saw the glowing "$1.75" blinking on each washer, that it was a normal quarter-using laundry room. I carry the bag upstairs to my apartment, do not wait a day, get some dollars and walk back downstairs. The machine won't take my dollars. Any of them. Dammit. I carry the bag upstairs and then remember... there's a laundry business next door. I can use that/them/it. And I do.
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