Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Book night and Ignite New York City

P1310657(I took this photo in the Bronx)

I made plans a week ago with my friend for Monday night to start co-reading this book about resumes and cover letters given to him by his former roommate who is currently at a hoity toity MBA school and should know all too much about this subject. We did 30 minutes straight, each reading a few paragraphs out loud and then switching off, stopping now and then to voice a thought.

So far, the book is excellent. One big take-away I love is that a resume is not about where you've been, but where you want to go. Your experiences, no matter how alien they are from each other, can be crafted into personal narrative that tells a story about your skills. I've always thought the some of the things I've done are good examples of leadership and creativity, but never knew how to explain them in resume form.

We took a break after chapter one to discuss what we read, which led us to get online and look for meetup groups. We started on meetup.org, and as we talked, I was reminded of two events I learned about in Orlando: Pecha Kucha and Ignite Orlando. I wrote about Pecha Kucha and asked someone in Orlando to bring it there, but they brought Ignite instead. They're the same thing so Orlando wins.

The event goes like this: About ten people sign up ahead of time to be presenters. Each is given five minutes and twenty slides to present on any topic they choose. The slides move automatically every 15 seconds as they talk. Since topics can be about anything, sometimes you don't care about what the presenter is saying, but since you know his presentation only lasts 5 minutes, you're not worried so you don't get bored.

I went to both events' websites and one of them, Ignite, was happening... get this... Monday night... about 15 minutes from the time I saw the website! We took a subway over, got in and got to see it!

These are the types of events I knew I wanted to target when I moved to New York City, but I didn't because, well, I fell into a blue fog. I know this is a great way to feel like you're not in some giant city all alone, and a way to meet new people who have similar interests or personalities. And they're free!

What an awesome (surprise) ending to the day.

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