Friday, November 13, 2009

Don Giovanni rocked me to sleep before the man with the bomb almost killed me

Before the show, I heard the director speak at an audience talk-back

I saw "Don Giovanni" at New York City Opera tonight: three hours of live opera with professional singers and a full orchestra for twelve dollars! That's a value even the broke folk can't pass up.

Did you like the show?
While I appreciated the value, the quality and the chance to walk amongst the monied, I cannot say I was stricken with awe and amazement before, during or after the show. In fact, I got bored as shit. But I sat through it because I knew it was "good" and what the hell did I know about good/bad opera. I think just sitting though my first one was enough. You're welcome.

Some people were dressed up. I saw them at intermission. You know that show Gossip Girl? I saw real gossip girls up close in person. 14 year olds in ball gowns and braces. Nobody was dressed up where I was sitting. It was the peasant section. We wore flip flops, ate bananas and talked on our cell phones.

Speaking of where I sat, the view was beautiful. I had a great view of the stage. I was in the 4th level, which is high as you can go. And because of the acoustics (I guess), the sound was beautiful. Its amazing to me that without mics, you can hear the orchestra and the singers so well way up in the ghetto chairs.

One thing did stink about where I was sitting: I got a damn nose-breather right behind my seat. I didn't have the nerve to ask him to stop breathing. Then when Act Two started and his wife was smacking her gum. She stopped when i asked her to, but I got to hear nostril wind for 2 more hours.

Also this Arabian man left in the middle of Act Two and hurried across the path in front of my row. I heard him drop something plastic from his leather bag. He turned around, looked at it briefly, and hurried out. I knew it was a bomb and planned on how I would be able to survive if I could just stay above the rubble. But then when I thought about how the people in the rows behind me would probably come crashing down on top of me, I gave up and decided I'd just die without a fight.

Again, Again
I'm going back for a second show. Yes I am dead broke, but (a) I will not be in NYC for lone and (b) If I am going to spend money, opera cannot be construed as wasteful spending... can it?

*This section is written in a playful tone. I love Arabian people carrying bombs to operas.
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Eric Pinder said...

I LOVE opera and at least the Giovanni and Leporello are hawt to look at... but even I think the piece goes on too long.

If you can get rush tix, you should see From The House of the Dead at the MET. It's not a zombie opera and it's shorter.

Mark Baratelli said...

At the top of Act 2, they come out shirtless. One has pants and the other a jacket. They switch, but not before both spend copious amounts of time swaggering their bodies around unclothed.

Eric Pinder said...

One of the guys (I don't remember which) played the Jeff Goldblum character in the opera of 'The Fly' and when he emerged from the pod after transporting himself, he was completely naked. You can google that - there are some hawt pics.

Mark Baratelli said...

I remember that from reading the bios. Oh opera, trying to attract the youngins with nudity. The director said in the pre-show talk back that when the two lead come out at the top of act two in underwear and shirtless at a dress rehearsal, some high school kids hooted. Well, at the performance I went to, the audience dd the same thing. The moment on stage seemed shocking on purpose and stupid. Put the good stuff when the show gets boring, not at the top of act two.