Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I wasn't even going to participate in Halloween, go to a party or even have a costume. But, my friend invited me out so I met him and another friend at his apartment on the west side, which is a bitch to get to time-wise, from my apartment. I slapped on eye makeup while he was putting his zombie makeup on. (I felt the peer pressure). We went out for a quick dinner and then by chance met up with friends I did not know. We followed them to the east village where we were surrounded by college students. After the 45 minute walk in the rain, the loud stupid bar, the not talking to the friends (I tried!) was done, I was done. I had one more diner dinner with my friends and then headed home on a long-ass annoying subway wait-and-ride. (After midnight on the weekends, the subways run infrequently. So you do a lot of waiting. Also, some trains don't run at all and you learn this after getting off trains, walking through subway stations and asking employees.)
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