Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm surrounded by women

I'm sitting here alone in a coffee shop and I kid you not SIX girls came out of nowhere and surrounded the tiny table I was sitting beside. Thyre all around me. I'm in the middle of their converstion and they're doing their best to ignore me. But I'm smack damn dab in the middle. They're talking about Palatka.

It's not rude, buts so ballsy just to sit around me. I feel like the awkward one now, but eff that! I'm gonna sit here and talk loudly on the phone. My foot just scraped a girls butt. I apologized. She goes "we kinda bombarded you." whatdo i say? I smiled. This is rude. I changed my mind. They've totally invaded my tiny space and now a boyfriend has arrived.

They're talking about Magnolia bakery. They talk like 40 year ol women making small talk before their matinee of sone church service.
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