Monday, November 30, 2009

Mark Baratelli in the Red Venue

The red venue apparently had more spaces than applications at Orlando Fringe (May 2010). The producer Beth Marshall called me cuz I was on the waitlist and asked me if I wanted a spot in it. The downside is that its outside, un-air-conditioned, and does not allow for piano rental. The upside is that its less than half the cost of the blue venue but only has ten seats less than the blue venue. So its only 70 people less than the blue venue could seat, for all 7 performances in total.

I've got Chris Dinger to direct. I'm leaving the structure up to whatever we come up with. It will be musical improv, one person and a piano. That much will remain. But new ideas for how to present it, how to bring more audience involvement, will be considered.

Honestly, the awards is a big project already, and adding in this show is just going to bring more chaos. But, I like chaos, so it might be fun.

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Eric Pinder said...

I was hoping for the Christmas show.

Mark Baratelli said...

I was hoping for the blue venue.

Brian Feldman said...

I second Eric.

Poster Tagline: Worst Venue. Best Show. SEE IT.