Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meh Moh Mah Mih

Friday was the "Sonnet a Thon" held at Plaza Cinema Cafe. 154 people read one sonnet each from Shakespeare's collection of sonnets. There were a slew of impressive arts people involved, all reading. I was in good company. My sonnet was about a bad actor. So, I held a chocolate covered strawberry and te it while I rambled through the text. Then I said "You're welcome" and walked off stage.

Saturday I walked to the Folk Art Festival at Mennello Museum. The art inside the museum is hideous on first inspection, but very well lit. That had nothing to do with the festival outside, which was lovely. Little white tents dotted the grassy slope between the museum and a large lake. Bands played on a large covered stage while sales people sold $5 hamburgers and $2 coffees.

Sunday I am going to Disney World with my Mom and some portion of my family. We're meeting up at 12pm, then I have to leave by 5pm to have enough time to get home and prep for an 8pm SAK show.

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