Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Friday I get two voicemails:
1. Job offer, Winter Park Playhouse
2. In-person interview request, Disney Cruise Line
I was so overwhelmed by the good news I didn't return either call till this week.

Monday I attended the "Finding Nemo" vocalist audition. They gave me a callback! Tuesday I attended the callback. They gave me *another* callback. Wednesday I attended that callback. They gave me *another* callback for 40 minutes later. I attended that callback, which was a movement audition. They said we'll hear something from them if they want us in 2 weeks.

Monday I also attended the non-equity production of [Title of Show] audition. They gave me a callback. Its this Sunday.

The Winter Park Playhouse gig isnt until January 2011. The [Title of Show] gig is this October. Funny how the two gigs are auditioning now for productions so far away. Makes life interesting.

A friend helped me for *an hour* with my non-acting resume. She helped me format it, choose correct wording and told me stuff to add and leave off. Very helpful. I sat down within an hour of our meet up and knocked out a brand new version. Looks more professional.

I emailed some contacts asking them to make some art pieces for Audience Choice Awards. I've got 16. I need 11 more. I think I can get it done!

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