Friday, January 21, 2011

I Am Free

Back in 2003 when I was on a ship, an actor quit, leaving me the opportunity to host a live afternoon weekly family-friendly game show called "Who Wants to be a Mousketeer." It was just like the TV show, but with Disney trivia. I was the only cast member in the show. When I had fun, I was funny. When I was scared, I was not.

At every show there were two actors who normally had regular roles in the other shows who in this show, had to don hideous jackets and deal with the audience's needs. It was a thankless task and far beneath their talents and abilities, but considering the rest of the day was spent lounging about in the Bahamian sun, it was a smal price to pay.

Backstage before the show, we'd sit in the men's dressing room and talk. One of the actors had *every* Mariah CD ever printed, and would bring them to the dressing room to play before shows. Well there was this one song that I'd never heard before called "I am Free." I immediately fell in love with it. It became my jam. I had to hear it before every show. It calmed me down, made me happy, centered me. Perfect states of being to be in right before you go host an hour long stage game show alone.

One day the actor walks in, puts the CD in and forces me to listen to it. He goes on to say, very casually, that he was having a crappy day and he didn't want to be there, so he needed me to be funny for him, and he knows the CD makes me happy and relaxed before the show which means funny during the show. It was a neat moment for me.

Eight years later, I am in a 3 person musical that opens tonight and this afternoon, after some random online farting around, I came across the song! My jam. Thanks Danny for introducing me to this song in 2003. I am listening to it on repeat prepping for tonight.


Summer said...

I very much loved this post from you. VERY rarely do you ever offer a glimpse into what makes you YOU. I like it.

Laura said...

Jill Sobule's "Karen By Night" does the same for me.

Laura :)

Unknown said...

like this...